Marine Surveying Academy

About MSA

MSA-final-logoThe Marine Surveying Academy Ltd (MSA), based in Portchester, Hampshire, UK, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the International Institute of Marine Surveying Ltd (IIMS). As an organisation, MSA is dedicated to providing the best quality marine surveyor based training, although it operates in other specialist marine related areas too.

As the commercial arm of the Institute, MSA is able to call on a wide selection of members who have various skills and knowledge acquired over many years. On one level the aim of the MSA is to provide basic, day long, short courses for IIMS members in a range of subjects, for example report writing. On another level the MSA delivers training and examinations leading to formal accreditation and qualifications certified by the IIMS.

The MSA is being developed to meet the growing demand from a number of international marine organisations for specialised skills based training and accreditation schemes. MSA will deliver these training solutions at various locations, using tutors and examiners who are highly experienced in these specialist areas.

MSA provides invigilation and marking for the International Registered Marine Insulation Inspectors examinations on behalf of Wood Group Integrity Management, leading to accreditation and certification by IIMS. Similarly, MSA runs the course that leads to the Registered Marine Coatings Inspectors standard and qualification for the superyacht coatings industry. And in 2015, MSA was appointed to run the CMID AVI Accreditation Scheme on behalf of the International Marine Contractors Association.