Marine Surveying Academy

CMID Accreditation

The MSA was appointed by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) in 2015 to manage and deliver the IIMS Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) accredited vessel inspectors (AVIs) scheme on behalf of IMCA.

This initiative is being collaboratively delivered by IMCA, IIMS and the MSA and has already radically altered the vessel inspection expectations of all stakeholders. The CMID AVI badge is becoming the ‘industry standard’ symbol of quality for CMID reports.

The CMID AVI scheme has been established on a worldwide basis with initial and refresher training courses being made available in all major regions where IMCA members operate. Having gained accredited status, vessel inspectors/auditors will be issued with an identify card embossed with both an IIMS logo and a declaration that the accreditation is recognised by IMCA.

The aim of the accreditation scheme is simply to assess competency in an objective manner against various specialist vessel types.

CMID: the background
The Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID), published by IMCA, is a globally recognised vessel safety audit system that has done sterling work since 1999, meeting the aim of reducing the number of audits carried out on individual marine vessels by adoption of a standard format for inspection. It was joined in 2009 by the eCMID, along with a secure online database for the CMID reports, which are ‘living’ documents that can be kept and updated onboard a vessel.

The CMID applies to vessels 24m and over as well as the +500GRT, with the Marine Inspection Document for Small Workboats (MISW – IMCA M 189) applying to vessels less than 500GRT and 24m in length. The MISW has also been part of the review and will also employ the use of vessel supplements (though not as many as the CMID).

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