Marine Accreditation

eCMID Accredited Vessel Inspector Scheme

In 2015 the Marine Surveying Academy Ltd (MSA) was awarded the contract to develop and launch a formal accreditation scheme for those engaged in conducting Common Marine Inspection Document audits and inspections, known as eCMID. The scheme, launched in June 2015, has accredited over 600 eCMID inspectors and continues to grow steadily as vessel owners and operators of offshore assets increasingly insist on only allowing eCMID Accredited Vessel Inspectors on-board to conduct their audits.

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Registered Marine Coatings Inspectors

For those professionals engaged in the technical area of surveying and inspecting superyacht coatings, MSA manages a qualification called Registered Marine Coatings Inspectors (RMCI). This new professional qualification is becoming increasingly accepted in the superyacht yards. Regular coursesĀ are run.

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International Registered Marine Insulation Inspectors

MSA trains, examines and accredits the International Registered Marine Insulation Inspectors (IRMII) qualification for those engaged in inspecting subsea pipelines.

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Professional Qualification in Marine Corrosion

Those wanting to gain a greater depth of knowledge about marine corrosion are invited to join the online programme, managed and delivered by MSA and formally accredited by the International Institute of Maine Surveying. The course comprises 10 modules of which must be passed to gain the qualification. There are 4 core units and the learner may then choose 3 additional modules.

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